Friday, November 19, 2010

Interview with the vampire part 2

I found the book to be very interesting considering that I had seen the movie several times prior to reading this.  I thought this was a good read just because it added so much more than what the movie was able to do.  We were able to get a better understanding of who Louis and Lestat were how they seemed to be more than just blood suckers.  Louis actually had pain and torment and I felt like he was to afraid to let this go and couldn't just be, it was like he was stuck between being a human and a vampire.  Lestat always seemed to be portrayed as having no concern for anyone but himself.  But from reading about him having a father who cared for it does show his "human" side.  I think Lestat may have been the way he was because of the fact that he didn't have a choice in becoming a vampire and that maybe the reason why he gave Louis the choice.  Lestat was very brash because of his own anger towards the situation but he knew he had to do what he had to.


  1. I liked how you got on the topic about emotions. Going into further detail, you stated that Louis actually had feelings such as pain and torment and that 'side' of him didn' show in the movies. I think they did that was because it was a 'minor' detail yet seems that emotion is part of the foundation of the story.

  2. I enjoy your insights into the character of Lestat. If given a choice, perhaps the outcome of his personality type would be more passive and his charisma could of greatly changed the paradigm of some characters.