Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Final Projection Proposal

For my final project I plan on comparing the vampires in Interview with the Vampire, Blacula and Twilight vampires.  I want to show how the vampires in Interview and Twilight portray similar qualities as far as charisma and charm.  Also how both vampires "live" as a family and how they must pretend to be something that they aren't which is alive.  I also want to compare and contrast the different myths that are shown with in both books.  In regard to Blacula this is a film that I thought would be a good throw in to compare and contrast the same ideas of the charm of a vampire as well as the items that make them weaken.  I think this may be a little trickly trying to compare Blacula because this sort of film is called a blaxploitation, which is not as a serious theme as the other two books are.  But I am up for the challenge and I think all of these would offer some really information and insight onto what people perceive as a vampire.  Also I like the fact that most vampires are generally caucasian and in Blaucula the vampire is Black which is a completely different spin all together.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Interview with the vampire part 2

I found the book to be very interesting considering that I had seen the movie several times prior to reading this.  I thought this was a good read just because it added so much more than what the movie was able to do.  We were able to get a better understanding of who Louis and Lestat were how they seemed to be more than just blood suckers.  Louis actually had pain and torment and I felt like he was to afraid to let this go and couldn't just be, it was like he was stuck between being a human and a vampire.  Lestat always seemed to be portrayed as having no concern for anyone but himself.  But from reading about him having a father who cared for it does show his "human" side.  I think Lestat may have been the way he was because of the fact that he didn't have a choice in becoming a vampire and that maybe the reason why he gave Louis the choice.  Lestat was very brash because of his own anger towards the situation but he knew he had to do what he had to.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interview with the Vampire part 1

I must say that I have seen this movie a ton of times and always enjoyed it so I was very excited to start reading this book.  There was so much information given in the book versus the movie that it made it a definite page turner.  For example finding out that Lestat had a dad and that was blind and had no idea that his son was a vampire.  I like being able to get more information about the characters because it makes them seem more "human" when you know what happened to them.  There is a big difference between the vampires in this book versus I Am Legend and Dracula.  In this novel the vampires are sofisticated and elegant.  They had very fluid like motion and they were very quick.  The author describes their all their senses being heightened.  In I Am Legend the vampires were like wild animals, beasts even.  They had no sense of social graces and they definitely weren't charming.  In the novel Dracula the vampire did have the same charm and beautiful features as described in Interview with the Vampire yet Dracula couldn't be around crucifixes.  In Dracula the vampires hid away in big castles out of the way.  In this novel it seems like the vampires walk amongst the people during the night to pick their next prey and sometimes they don't need to be as suave at times.  It's always amazing to me when reading these different novels how the idea of a vampire can change from one novel to the next and yet it adds soemthing because of the variations.  I think it makes it a lot more interesting because you really don't know what you are going to get in terms of the story and vices of a vampire.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Am Legend part 2

Reading this novel has been very intriguing.  It seems as if the topic of vampires and such is so hidden and the constant agony of Robert's struggles is very interesting.  Here's a man who thought he was all alone and he was driving himself crazy.  The constant remembering the past, how to keep himself alive and how to destroy the vampires from the inside.  I couldn't imagine having to survive on my own and not have a living soul to speak to so I think.  To not be able to take care of your everyday needs like the dentist or going out to have dinner at a resturant.  To be so completely shut out of everyday world is such a trying idea.  I wondered when I first started to read the book is why Robert decided to stay in the house and city he was in.  He had the opportunity with nothing holding him back to start all over in a brand new city and hopefully outrun the vampires.  I really liked this book I actually think its the best so far.