Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Am Legend part 2

Reading this novel has been very intriguing.  It seems as if the topic of vampires and such is so hidden and the constant agony of Robert's struggles is very interesting.  Here's a man who thought he was all alone and he was driving himself crazy.  The constant remembering the past, how to keep himself alive and how to destroy the vampires from the inside.  I couldn't imagine having to survive on my own and not have a living soul to speak to so I think.  To not be able to take care of your everyday needs like the dentist or going out to have dinner at a resturant.  To be so completely shut out of everyday world is such a trying idea.  I wondered when I first started to read the book is why Robert decided to stay in the house and city he was in.  He had the opportunity with nothing holding him back to start all over in a brand new city and hopefully outrun the vampires.  I really liked this book I actually think its the best so far.

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  1. I also wondered why Neville decided to stay in a city that had been overrun by vampires. It seemed like a death sentence at the time of his decision. After thinking about it for a while, I believe Neville stayed because he still had a sense of compassion for the creatures. After all, they were still human on some level.