Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Final Projection Proposal

For my final project I plan on comparing the vampires in Interview with the Vampire, Blacula and Twilight vampires.  I want to show how the vampires in Interview and Twilight portray similar qualities as far as charisma and charm.  Also how both vampires "live" as a family and how they must pretend to be something that they aren't which is alive.  I also want to compare and contrast the different myths that are shown with in both books.  In regard to Blacula this is a film that I thought would be a good throw in to compare and contrast the same ideas of the charm of a vampire as well as the items that make them weaken.  I think this may be a little trickly trying to compare Blacula because this sort of film is called a blaxploitation, which is not as a serious theme as the other two books are.  But I am up for the challenge and I think all of these would offer some really information and insight onto what people perceive as a vampire.  Also I like the fact that most vampires are generally caucasian and in Blaucula the vampire is Black which is a completely different spin all together.


  1. I think it might also be interesting to compare those vampires with a vampire from either Dracula or the dead vampires from I Am Legend because they are hugely different from the charismatic vampire we have come to expect since Anne Rice's Vampires made their debut.

  2. I think this will make for an interesting project, but I think you will need to seriously narrow your focus to present something meaningful. I'll be especially interested in the way in which you explore how these novels complicate ideas of the nuclear family. I'm not quite sure how Blacula would fit into this analysis, but it might be worth examining from a cross-cultural perspective.