Friday, October 15, 2010


For never picked up the book Dracula I found the first portion of our reading really interesting.  If I were to compare it to Carmilla from the last two weeks there are some definite differences.  It seems like in Dracula that everyone knows about Dracula and what he is and does.  Everyone seemed to have words of warning for Herr but actually never came right out and said anything.  Herr was under the impression that Dracula was to be his friend; he wrote him a letter got a room for him and sent a carriage to pick him up.  Herr seems to think that everyone else is crazy and wants to speak with Dracula about.  This reading is very different from Camilla where the idea of vampires was a hard concept to comprehend.  No one spoke of such nonsense yet girls kept dying by the same means and there was no logicial explanation.  It was like in Dracula that he had such control over the town that they may try to rescue Herr but never directly let him in on their little "secret".  Knowing where he is headed I find it really funny that he is looking at all the people in the town as strange.

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