Friday, October 1, 2010


In the book In a Glass Darkly, the section named Carmilla was very intriguing.  The first chapter was a little hard to get into because I am not a big fan of overly descriptive material.  There is fine line between setting the atmosphere and describing every single detail of a room, a person or any of the such.  Once I was to get past all of that I became very intrigued in the vision that the narrator had experienced and how she went from not being afraid of things because she lived in such a bubble.  To having that experience and being completly afraid of the dark as well as the day at times.  I found the chapter in regard to meeting Carmilla really strange with the horse drawn carriage and the sense of royality.  It seemed like something was planned because of how fast they raced past the narrator and her father.  By the way the servants in the house seemed a little strange to me as well, I can't quite put my finger on it by I think they know something.  I liked how the author seemed to bring about Carmilla and the narrator describing how they have met before and how Carmilla down played it as a dream and the narrator knowing that it was real.  Carmilla is very secretive and has an aire about her that is off putting to me, that nothing is scared and that life is to be celebrated by death not mourned.  I liked how the author made Carmilla so beautiful and charming, very irresistable.  That is how vampires usually pull people in because they are beautiful to look at they appear to be worldly.  Yet they have no remorse or sorrow in the day to day life, almost as if they are better than their prey.  So far I have enjoyed the reading because its almost so obvious what is going on that it helps me to get pass the language and the wordiness of it.

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